What Is Hardboiled Fiction?

An eternally inebriated detective still wearing his clothes from the day before. A messy office full of cheap furniture and loose files. A mysterious client with a suspiciously easy case. These are the typical images of a hardboiled detective story. Hardboiled...

10 Cliffhangers from Literature, Film, and Television

You know how it goes: you've been riveted by a movie or TV episode for the past hour, enjoying scene after action-packed scene. The hero and villain finally come face to face, weapons ready. But just as they leap toward each other's throats, the screen cuts to black....

10 Spine-Chilling Novels About Sociopaths

How many times have you imagined punching someone because of an insult? How about conning your way into a life of luxury? We all have dark urges, but most of us recognize that they're bad and rarely act on them. Then there are those who don't recognize these urges, or...


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