Cozy Mysteries: The Gentlest Type of Crime Fiction

In cozy mysteries (or "cozies"), profanity, sex, and graphic violence do not exist in the story. If the narrative does demand these elements, they mostly are implied and happen off the page. These types of stories offer readers the same amount of danger and suspense...

What is the Closed Circle of Suspects? Definition and Examples

The closed circle of suspects is a simple plot element in detective fiction, especially in whodunits. When a crime is committed, a limited amount of suspects are quickly identified, each with their own motives, means, and opportunities. It is then up to the detective...

Red Herrings: Definition, Origin, and Examples

While reading a book or watching a movie, you've probably come across some detail of the story that made you so sure what the outcome would be. But when you reached the end, your theory turned out to be wrong. The guy you thought guilty is actually innocent, and the...


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