The Best Contemporary Mystery Writers to Read Right Now

Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edgar Allan Poe are just a few of the greats who transformed the mystery genre into what it is today. But while they established a lot of elements that characterize the genre, some modern writers are taking it up a notch with...

10 Mystery Video Games That Let Gamers Play Detective

Technology has made games more interactive, pairing great ambiance, music, and graphics with excellent storytelling to create extremely immersive worlds you can dive into for a great time. Mystery is a genre that benefits well from this type of format. As a genre that...

8 Mystery Board Games for Your Next Game Night

Board games are a quick and easy way to keep a party alive. Whether it's a family occasion or game night with the crew, they're something that everyone can easily get into. It so happens that some of the best board games out there cater to mystery fans. There are a...


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