The Gentleman Thief: A Criminal with Manners

Also known as a phantom thief, the gentleman thief is a popular stock character in fiction. Characterized by impeccable manners and style, they often use guile and charm to commit crimes, unlike common criminals who go straight to violence. Imagine James Bond going...

What Is a Medical Thriller? Definition and Examples

The medical field deals with danger and mystery almost every day. What poison killed the victim? How do you cure such an advanced ailment? What is this new virus spreading across the globe? Pair those situations with the heavy responsibility of guarding a patient's...

What Is a Social Thriller?

A social thriller is a film genre that uses social commentary in its storytelling. Specifically, it uses elements of horror and suspense to comment on societal oppression and the injustices in everyday life. It's been around for a long while, but has only recently...


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