What Is Horror of Personality? Definition and Examples from Film

Horror films don't require monsters or supernatural forces to terrify audiences. While demons, boogeymen, and beasts still appear on screen, there's another monster that has long dominated the horror space—the human. Stories that concern human monsters are part of a...

10 Ecological Thrillers for the Environmentally Concerned

Nature on the verge of destruction is one of the most compelling premises in storytelling. After all, where would humanity go when the world is already dead? People have recently become much more aware of Earth's decay. Climate change, the extinction of flora and...

12 of the Best British Crime Dramas to Add to Your List

When it comes to crime shows, British television is a powerhouse. They've consistently produced high-level crime dramas known for their talented casts, clever dialogue, and multi-dimensional plots. Over the years, there has been a surge of interest in these shows. And...


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