If you’re anything like us, you probably can’t get enough of great thriller novels. But what’s one thing that can make the experience of a thrilling story even more chilling? Sound!

Thriller podcasts bring the creaking staircases, the pounding heartbeats, and all the other sounds of your favorite genre to life, making the experience that much more satisfying. In this post, we’ve rounded up the best thriller podcasts so you can get your fill of frights and adventure.

The Best Thriller Podcasts

From sci-fi to crime and the supernatural, here are 15 of the best thriller podcasts you can add to your playlist.

1. Relic Radio Thrillers

relic radio podcast image

Step back into the 1950s with Relic Radio Thrillers, which serves up the best of thrillers and old-fashioned radio drama. Listen from the edge of your seat to suspenseful tales of crime, mystery, espionage, and more. The vintage audio is a bonus for anyone nostalgic for a bygone era.

2. Alice Isn’t Dead

alice isnt dead thriller podcast

From the creators of Welcome to Night Vale comes Alice Isn’t Dead, the story of a truck driver’s cross-country journey to find her wife, whom she had long presumed dead. Along the way, she encounters serial killers that aren’t quite human, travels through towns that are literally lost in time, and finds herself wrapped up in a conspiracy that involves far more than her missing wife.

3. CBS Radio Mystery Theater

cbs radio mystery theater thrillers image

If early-20th-century murder mysteries are more your thing, consider listening to one of the 1,399 radio dramas available on CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Fans of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents will love this podcast.

4. Meet the Thriller Author Podcast

thriller author podcast image

For die-hard thriller fans, this podcast offers interviews with the top writers of mystery, thriller, and suspense books. Learn about your favorite thriller authors’ writing processes, the inspiration behind their riveting stories, and exciting news about their upcoming books and sequels.

5. The Black Tapes Podcast

black tapes podcast image

The Black Tapes Podcast is a docudrama that follows one fictional journalist’s investigation into the dark secrets of her own past. Mix in some paranormal activity, ghosts, spirits, and demons, and you’ve got yourself one thrilling ride.

6. The Horror of Dolores Roach

dolores roach podcast image

In this podcast, the titular character is released from prison after 16 years to find that much has changed in her New York City neighborhood. For one, her boyfriend is missing; and the only person who recognizes her is an old stoner friend, who offers her a job. But when her newfound stability is threatened, she’s pushed to extremes to survive.

7. Limetown

limetown podcast image

Ten years ago in a small Tennessee town, 326 men, women, and children mysteriously vanished, with no witnesses or clues to what happened. In this fictional podcast, investigative journalist Lia Haddock seeks answers, and Limetown follows her as she makes her first major breakthrough.

8. Read or Dead

read or dead podcast image

Book Riot’s Read or Dead is a bi-weekly podcast that covers the worlds of mystery and thriller fiction, includiSng book recommendations for crime fiction and true crime stories. The hosts even discuss current events, with episodes covering topics like true crime and racial injustice.

9. A Stab in the Dark

a stab in the dark podcast image

Mark Billingham, author of the Tom Thorne series, hosts this podcast dedicated to all things crime fiction in both books and television. In each episode, Billingham hosts two guests who discuss the process of creating crime fiction, their favorite books and characters, and more.

10. Blackout

blackout podcast image

Blackout stars Academy Award winner Rami Malek as a small-town radio DJ who must fight to protect his family after the power grid goes down nationwide and upends modern civilization. One of his biggest challenges is figuring out who he can and cannot trust.

11. Ostium Podcast

ostium podcast image

Ostium is a fictional mystery/thriller podcast that follows a man who discovers a secret, abandoned town in Northern California. There he finds many doors that lead him to strange and interesting places across time and space.

12. The Thriller Zone

the thriller zone podcast image

The Thriller Zone is a new podcast hosted by David Temple, a writer, filmmaker, voice actor, and former radio host. This is a great show for anyone who loves thriller or aspires to write them, as Temple invites different writers to discuss all things related to the genre.

13. Fatal Attractions

fatal attractions podcast image

This podcast is dedicated to erotic thrillers, mostly films, such as its namesake, Fatal Attraction, and others like Basic Instinct. Film critics Matthew Turner, Leslie Pitt, Amelie Thomas, and Paul Costello share what they love and hate about “trashy” thrillers from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

14. Stories from Among the Stars

stories from among the starts podcast image

This sci-fi thriller podcast features forbidden love, a crashed UFO, and an alien heist. Humans are left to depend their planet from an alien invasion, set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution. Some form political factions, while others embrace the oncoming changes of the invasion.

15. The Seventh Daughter

the seventh daughter podcast image

The Seventh Daughter is set in the early 20th century and follows a mysterious woman who trains a young girl in the skills of mind reading and clairvoyance, but a bittersweet coming of age story soon becomes a diabolical revenge thriller set against medicine shows and vaudeville amusement halls.

Podcasts for Thriller Fans

If you love reading thrillers, you should definitely consider adding some thriller podcasts to your library.

This unique medium allows you to experience all the thrills through another sense (sound), and its serialized format means you can look forward to the next installment each or every other week.